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Blindfold Driving

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Blindfold Driving

Blindfold driving is all about skill, not speed. The task is designed to test your faith in your fellow human beings and being able to communicate as a team.

As a blindfolded driver you will be disorientated and have no knowledge of whether the vehicle is moving or not, you only have your navigator's word for it. Bring your other senses into play such as your hearing and co-ordination.

As the navigator you will need to master the art of verbal communication, and have the ability to guide your driver safely around the course without any physical intervention.

Being blindfolded at the controls of the vehicle you are at the total mercy of your navigator, who is hopefully directing you away from hitting the marker poles and to avoid collecting those dreaded penalty points.

Good communication is the key factor when guiding your blindfolded driver around the course, but more importantly, the blindfolded driver must carefully listen for those ALTERNATIVE comical names used for directing you LEFT and RIGHT, and as you try to control your laughter while steering your vehicle at a snails pace around the circuit.

Your final goal is, for each person to obtain those elusive 10 points and not end up with minus points.