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Corporate Olympics

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Corporate Olympics

Our Corporate Olympics programme combines communication, education, and fun with teambuilding activities and games. Through Obstacle Courses, Shot Puts, Long Jumps, Relays, Oversized Boxing Matches, Basketball Competitions and other fun games your employees will learn to trust their manager, supervisor or coach to guide them through the obstacles incurred in the games and lessons. The similarities to the work environment can be made evident during the course of each activity at any point in the program - so each activity can be custom tailored to meet your goals and objectives. Also, the games can be used strictly for fun and to relieve stress. The programs are completely flexible.

Each Olympian is assigned a team of 4 or more and is coached through obstacles and receives points upon completion of each obstacle. Officials keep track of scoring. Each team member can be given a T-shirt or Jersey to wear throughout the competition to add to the Olympic flavor.

Objectives/Benefits of Corporate Olympics:

* Team building (great social / fun activity to get to know your work colleagues better)

* Communication (individuals are required to communicate and co-operate in a team environment)

* Fun (ideal event to get everyone relaxed and enjoy the day in a casual fun environment)

* Increased energy level and fitness (gets everyone outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and to be active outside the office)

* Friendly competition (allows everyone to work towards a goal and push their team to strive for real results)