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Team Drumming

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Team Drumming

Everyone can make music - confidence is built by breaking down the barrier "I haven't got any rhythm". Corporate drumming is creative, confidence building and ultimately triumphant.

Drumming provides an unusual and stimulating experiential learning opportunity for all participants. The playing process itself is both enjoyable and demanding, while the outcome produces a shared feeling of confidence and satisfaction. Drumming bridges the gap between work and play

What can we offer your company

You can choose a style from any of the corporate drumming and percussion workshops styles listed below.. Each workshop can last from 1 to two hours, or be a whole day with a performance built in at the end. Alternatively, if you have a large group of participants, we can bring all four styles to your event or conference and rotate 4 groups through each style. At the end of the day, a triumphant end finale can take place with all participants performing with each other.

Drumming events are suitable for:

* Conferences

* Promotional Events

* Team building

* Stress Management

* Communication Skills

* An Ice-breaker or Event Closer

* Entertainment

Introduction to music form and use in traditional/indigenous music groups how hand drumming is an effective team building tool - rapid skills acquisition - easy to learn.

Understanding our natural rhythm and taking group through simple movement session using hand clapping/ keeping time with feet/singing rhythms. Playing Technique, how to make different note with the drum, posture, warm up, introduction to a three part traditional rhythm, learning each part of the rhythm separately. The groups are split into different rhythm parts using voice, drums and hand clapping.

Final group performance set piece with introduction and ending.

The focus of these events is on encouraging each 'TEAM' to recognize & support -individuality' within their team structure; whilst at the same time maintaining group awareness towards achieving the overall goal.

Experiential Learning
Hands-on participation
Introduction to simple basic rhythms
Developing more complex rhythms
Polyrhythmic (multiple rhythm patterns)
Team Work
Communication and listening skills

Drumming is infectious - people just can't but help getting involved. You'll find even the most reserved characters are soon beaming from ear to ear and stomping their feet. If a sense of unity and shared achievement are important to your next event, then try Drumming. It's amazing

Brief History of Rhythm & Time

Early tribal man first used group drumming to communicate and strengthen village relationships. Through time, rhythms were then introduced to more social & religious rituals. As civilizations grew, armies used drums & rhythm to focus, motivate & energise.

Rhythm has become more prominent in our lives with each generation.

Today, we are surrounded by rhythms, from the moment we wake up;

morning alarms

rail tracks or radio on the way to work

the beating of windscreen wipers, indicators etc.

music in the lift or while you hold on the phone!

...to the time you get home and watch TV, play your new CD or answer one of your many ring tones, you have subconsciously absorbed countless rhythms. This happens every day of your life...