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Extreme Team Adventure

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Extreme Team Adventure

"Challenge by choice" emphasises that all participation is the individual's choice. Therefore, no one will be "persuaded" to take part if they do not wish to and whatever the situation, 'inactive' delegates are able to support other team members should this be the case.

With the help of our instructors, the activities offer the opportunity for the participants to 'stretch' themselves by stepping out of their 'comfort zones', and into their 'stretch' or 'learning' zones. When we step outside our comfort zone, or when we are asked to do things that seem difficult or challenging, we can experience tension, anxiety, and even fear.

To enable growth, however, and experience all that we are, to really develop, expand and learn we have to get outside our comfort zone, into the 'stretch zone'.

The Instructors

The Extreme Team Adventures events exceed clients' expectations, often to a surprising degree. All of our instructors are fully qualified, extremely friendly and pride themselves in their ability to individually monitor, guide and encourage participants to go " as far as they want to" in an environment built on trust and support. It is our aim to empower people to have serious fun whilst with us, and to provide memories that will last for a very long time.

The Activities

The tasks are situated and constructed in a variation of settings and structures, to ensure that everybody included will be mentally challenged whilst physically participating and supporting one another. The challenges are focused within a problem-solving environment. Some of the challenges require the team to work together throughout designated areas, where other challenges are focused upon the individual contribution to achieve success for the whole team.