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Ice Cream Challenge

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Ice Cream Challenge

The Scenario: Turning raw ingredients into sweet and delectable ice cream requires expertise, precision and creativity. It's a fascinating process that will require all of your team and leadership skills to be put into action.

The Ice Cream Making Challenge combines the knowledge gained from various expert workshops with the unique experiential facilitation of Hammerheads to produce an unforgettable and delicious team-building adventure.

The Program:

* The large group will be divided into competitive teams

* Participants must leave their team to gain expertise in one specific ice cream making skill including recipe basics, waffle cone making, equipment instructions, and marketing fundamentals

* Teams will then be challenged to bring together their new skills and develop a brand new ice cream flavour

* Teams must present their new flavour to our panel of judges and one team will be recognized as the "Ice Cream Making Champions"

* All participants will be "winners" as they enjoy their ice cream and homemade waffle cones during the awards ceremony

Program Outcomes:

* Elevating team spirit and morale

* Finding the winning balance between planning and execution

* Creating an environment that allows team members to get to know one another better

Allowing the team to play with a purpose