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Microlight Flying

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Microlight Flying

Probably the only 'flying' activity by Hammerheads.

We have been working to identify a good site to engage in microlight flying for corporate teams, not too far from the city. With two aircrafts, there is a recommendation that small teams participate in this activity.

It's safe and this is one of those activities which fosters spirit and is an excellent medium for a exhilaration or simply an entertaining day out. It's a wonderful experience and each person has the opportunity to actually fly the aeroplane depending on his ability, weather conditions with a fully qualified and experienced instructor.

So, if you're looking for a way of pumping some adrenalin in a very different way, we can share with you some new horizons and the thrill of soaring with the buzzards over the beautiful rolling plains of Mangoan, 3 hours from the city.

Each person has an air-experience flight where the controls are explained. If conditions are suitable you'll be able to participate in the takeoff and landing too.