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Team Orienteering

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Team Orienteering

Orienteering demands as much from the group as it does from the individual. An activity where personalities are tested and inner qualities are brought to the fore. An excellent Team Building exercise, ideal for finding out more about individuals than is revealed in their normal working environment. Do you really know the strengths and weaknesses of your Team?

We are able to offer this exciting challenge and activity at locations within an hour of central Delhi NRC, and regularly run this event for groups in other locations. A fully structured day out which enables you to address particular team issues and development needs in a fun and relaxing way - great value and very rewarding for all involved.

Team Challenges

These will be located at suitable venues out and about on the orienteering course and each one will be operated by one of our tour leaders who will explain to the group the objectives and aims as well as the rules, time limits etc.

They will be observing the activity and making notes which will allow us to review each team and provide feedback on how each team undertook the activities and challenges - and how they worked as a team. Each Team Challenge concentrates on different themes some of which are listed below.

Relevant Themes

- A desire for all people to be involved and to have equal roles throughout

- Encourage all people to contribute ideas and expertise

- Idea generation, creativity and development as a crucial element

- Enable everyone to feel comfortable with sharing their views

- Ability to try "different" solutions and be creative

- Examine ways to handle conflict and manage differences

- Identify elements of successful teams - working well together

- Communication and trust are paramount as some team members are blindfolded in this exercise which examines how people can adapt their leadership style

- A challenge where planning is essential. What role will each member of the team adopt and how will they react with working under pressure and tight deadlines?

- A logical problem relying on the group sharing information and listening to each other.

- Simple actions and instructions - but can a team do it all at the same time, and who will be co-ordinating their actions?

Mountain Bike Orienteering

This is recommended in a large area with at least 4 hours in hand. Ideal to explore a new location in the countryside. Each team will be issued with a set of maps and some details about checkpoints - each of which will have a "K-point" value. Teams are aiming to collect as many "K-points" as possible, by visiting each point and answering a simple question about that location. However, this must all be achieved within a set time period and ensuring that teams arrive on time at the designated meeting point for lunch!

After being issued with the instructions, there will then be a 10-minute period while teams plan their strategy. Our tour leaders will be observing closely the planning and questioning that follows before teams head off into the countryside.

By not providing a set route - and with plenty of options and choices - the planning of the route is going to be crucial. This will involve input from all members as to their expected speed, limits etc. Then a route has to be formed - ideally an optimal route minimising the distance - again bound to be a point of discussion.

There may be "Challenge Points" which every team must visit in rotation.

Along with the "Challenge Points" that must be visited there will be further optional points which can also be visited to earn further "K-points" - but again the choice of route will be important.

The aim of including a number of challenges and exercises was to look at specific elements of working within a group, but throughout the trip everyone's interaction and involvement with each other will be strengthened and developed. Also progress will be made with individual goals and awareness as well as contributing towards departmental objectives.