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Team Paintball

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Team Paintball

What can be more fun than dressing up in army fatigues, rolling around on the ground and plastering your mates with a barrage of well aimed paint pellets? Not much we're willing to wager. This extremely popular activity is guaranteed to please any group after a few thrills and a lot of laughs.

Outdoor Paintball

Ever watched and been amazed by films such as Saving Private Ryan, A Bridge Too Far or Platoon? Paintball is the nearest you'll ever get to experiencing the skills and strategy needed for combat.

Arranged in an open area, each paintball activity offers several different game zones with 'Storm the Fort' and 'Capture the Bridge' among the favorites, not forgetting the fast and furious new game of Speedball - exactly what it says...


In teams you'll devise strategies, assaults, defense and all out attacks to foil the enemy and take the prize. A fantastic day out for bonding a group or just a good excuse to shoot the group leader be it stag or boss - you decide.

An average package can be arranged over a half or full day with defined number of paintballs to get you started. Also provided is a semi-automatic 'marker', fully protective gear and ammunitions.

Indoor Paintball

The major difference between indoor and outdoor paintball (apart from the protection from the elements) is the closeness of the action. In outdoor paintball you can get people hiding and sniping away without really getting involved. With indoor paintball, you're always in the thick of the action.

On the other hand, you don't want to spend so much time between play zones, so the games come thick and fast. It's all about the format of the Paintball Programme that must offer value, fast paced game, safety, plenty of equipment, opportunity to strategize and pull out a winning team

As with outdoor paintball, you will get all your kit included, plus a starter pack of ammo.