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Team Photo Stories

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Team Photo Stories

If you are looking for a team building corporate event with lots of laughs and fun, Team Photo Race is just perfect. While we can suggest you with wonderful venues, we can keep the teams engrossed in a storyboard that will add to the creativity and imagination. Photo Races is a wonderful team building exercise that offers ultimate scope to explore and rediscover the surroundings.

During this event, the players get cryptic clues to solve and will be given digital cameras to take photographs. Therefore, team roles will play an important part.

Corporate teams can spend half day to prepare their storyboard. This activity will involve couple of hours in the outdoors and a couple of hours indoors.

The winning team will be declared based on defined parameters and will be judged by our team at the end of the presentation. Needless to say, extra points are given for applying creativity, originality or humor in the photography and storyboard. Overall, the event will aim at improving team spirit and provide real fun at work.

Relevant Themes

* This corporate event shows the importance of working together to achieve a goal.

* Members will have to think out-of-the box and demonstrate creativity.

Photo race will find role plays with few team members applying their skills to decode the array of cryptic clues, while the others use the camera and a set of members may get involved with storyboards on their laptops.