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Leadership Development

Hammerheads Leadership Training Programs seek to develop transformational outdoor leaders whose orientation is holistic and who are attuned to the nuances and integration of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components of adventure experiences. Outdoor skills and technical competencies are essential but we give equal emphasis and commitment to intrapersonal growth, interpersonal dynamics, development of community, spiritual awareness, and commitment to social and ecological literacy. An integrated approach to all training and learning is encouraged.
Hammerheads Leadership Training Programs consists of intensive outdoor learning experiences designed to provide participants with a broad range of skills such as
  • Communicating
  • Knowing and using the resources of the group
  • Planning
  • Controlling group performance
  • Setting the example
  • Sharing leadership
  • Evaluating
  • Counseling skills

The later segments of the course allow participants to bring this training into a larger program, practice skills and leadership, and take part in a time of reflection and reconsideration of future directions. The outbound Training Program is recommended for a minimum of 2 Nights and 3 days. This Duration can be customised according to client need.

Cross Functional Team Building

A crossfunctional team is a team members from diverse functional entities work ing together towards a common goal. This team will have members with different functional experiences and abilities, and who will likely come from different departments within the organization. At Hammerhead, Outbound Training focuses on
  • Need for Crossfunctional Team
  • Movement Away From Traditional Corporate Structuring
  • The emergence of Teamwork
  • Group Vs. Team
  • Moving Towards Teamwork
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Management Vs. Leadership

The intense adventure activities challenge them not just physically but also mentally. Analysis of the participant's behavior during the adventure activities is wed with the results of the psychometric analysis to create a powerful platform of self awareness and introspection of reactions to past failures and successes.

Change Management

Leaders are there in all organization. The Leadership and Change Workshop focus is on helping organizations to identify their own people with leadership potential. Participants to this workshop are able to address the issues of leadership, self-growth and change Management.
  • Change Management Process
  • Preparing for Change
  • Managing Change
  • Reinforcing Change
  • Develop a change management strategy for your project
  • Manage the people side of change, not just the business side
  • Integrate organizational and technology changes into a single change management plan
  • Actively manage resistance to change

Innovation & Creativity

This two day Creativity and Innovation program at Hammerheads is designed for those looking to be more creative within their work as well as those charged with inspiring creativity, innovation and new thinking within their organisation. The unique and creative ideas of all people are potentially your biggest and most exciting resource. Do you, your team or organisation suffer from being 'too smart too soon?' This two day Creativity and Innovation Programme is designed to give you and your people the courage and confidence to go the extra creative mile that will lead to the imaginative solutions your company is looking for.
  • To see things from differing creative perspectives
  • To identify your own strengths through a creative process and how you can tap into them
  • To identify the creative strengths of others
  • To release people from preconceived restrictions and patterns
  • To practice using some well known and not so well known idea generating techniques
  • To have a fun and stimulating brain workout
  • To find a unique professional voice and gain confidence in communicating and pitching ideas
  • To explore how to effectively communicate a concept or idea to colleagues or clients
  • To be able to market effectively to any organisation
  • To manage the more difficult issues that can get in the way of communicating an idea or concept

Sales Training Outbounds

Hammerheads workshop is customized to match the specific selling situation of each customer. Role plays, case studies, exercises and examples used in the training depict the exact sales environment of the participants. This reduces the gap between theory and practice thereby enhancing the learning experience and increasing the effectiveness of implementing the learning in the field by the participants.
Apart from the outbound activities the Focus is clearly on
  • Knowledge
  • Understanding of their Product / Service features
  • Competition Products / Services
  • Industry
  • Sales Process
  • Skill
  • Persuasion Skills
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Uncovering and Developing Customer Needs
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Attitude
  • Safeguarding your positive attitude
  • Ability to perform consistently

Customer Service Training

Hammerheads Customer Service Skill Enhancement Workshop deals with why customer relations are important to your organization and how customer service training can be used to improve your employee's understanding and communication skills when dealing with all kinds of customers -- whether over the telephone or face to face.
Customer Care Skill Enhancement Workshop gives participants new insight into specific customer behavioral styles. It teaches participants to address both the personal and the process needs of the internal and external client. Participants learn to implement easy to use models for working with customers who are disgruntled and who have had service disruptions. It focuses on internal communication to keep team members aware of key client concerns. The Workshop Covers The Following:
  • The Psychology of Customer Relations
  • Managing Customer Expectations
  • Understanding Your Communication Style
  • Dealing with those 'Difficult' Customers
  • Complaint Handling
  • Improving Results Using a Problem-Solving Approach

Vision Workshops

Hammerheads Vision Building will enable you to articulate clearly where you (and your people) are planning to go and how, given a fair wind, you anticipate getting there. It will help you to create a meaningful vision of what it's like to be there and how it will be for everyone involved.Articulating Mission, Vision and Values Statements
It will also help you to design an approach to achieving the vision and can further support you to overcome obstacles, whether expected or not.
Hammerheads Vision workshop will asure Value Proposition: Elevate the senior managers' strategic view of the power of values-based management in the organization through a collaboratively developed Platform for Cohesive Action focused on articulating mission, vision and values statements, and subsequently tying these statements to company strategy.
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